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Change your password, change your life

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Change your password, change your life

Will you believe me if I say that a password can change your life? Umm..Probably not because you think that passwords are just meant to be easy and remembered and of course meant for logging in to any or every app and also if you still forget the password, you can just click on the forgot password button and get an e-mail regarding changing your password. It’s that easy. But, just think if your passwords were not about people you love or hate or maybe things that you love to do, and they were more about changing your life one step at a time, would your life really change? I didn’t know if this could actually happen but this one thing
started creating wonders for me. It was almost miraculous to finally see small, little changes in my life and tick the things off my to-do list which I really wanted to do or happen.

When I was in high school, I was not good at Maths. I was doing everything I could, to improve myself. I was taking tuitions, I was taking help from my friends and even clearing some doubts from teachers if I got time. But, the progress wasn’t that far-fetched, like I was taking tuitions but I got busier making friends there. I was doing practice questions for weeks and even months, but by the time the end of the year came, I had stopped practicing. My interest started to lose instead of me getting better at it. The graph started to fall down. Then, one day, I did something very funny and that was changing my password in my bank’s app
because the reminder was coming on my mail again and again to change it and I don’t know what came to my mind, but I kept it improvemaths@9. I laughed after that but afterwards, whenever I used to login, I used to put the same password. That was not the time when any app remembered our passwords so putting it time and again became a regular practice. The consequence of it was, that maths started getting into my mind so much that whenever I got time, I would do maths, I would even listen to songs and think about the problem sums that I did. Even though I was not bad at other subjects, yet Maths became my main agenda. I started getting better and better day by day.

By the end of the semester, when the results came, I had scored full marks in my maths exam and the notification in my bank’s app popped up again to change the password as 90 days had passed. Now I didn’t know which password to keep? Although, I was happy and content in my life, but there was one thing I was worried about and that was my weight. It had been increasing over the time and I guess I was happy gobbling over all the food which included fried foods, ice creams, junk foods such as- pizzas and burgers, but at the end of the day, happiness started to fade down as my belly started to protrude and as a teenage girl, I just wanted to look perfect, so my next agenda was to lose weight, and since 9 is my lucky number, my next password was loseweightfast@9 and oh I started to get ridiculously superb results in two weeks. I couldn’t imagine I could ever have lost weight had I not changed my password. Within 2-3 months, my weight fell down to 10 kilos and I felt proud looking at myself in the mirror. This same girl who was worrying about her clothes not fitting her was now happy wearing clothes of even a smaller size. Of course I had to give up on so many food-items and do regular exercise but voila, that was all and add to it determination and we’re done.

By the time that year ended, I had not just lost weight and had got good at maths, I had gotten admission in the college of my dreams and the course I always wanted to do. I followed my heart and even travelled solo for the first time with my own savings. The only thing I could not do or was not able to do was getting the top rank in college, although I was always in top five. This list can go as long as it can get but by the end of a particular period, we can count our achievements and failures and that’s how life is, all made up of its successes and the things we couldn’t succeed in. Only these small little changes and little steps take us to a
better direction.
That’s why I say change is the password for life.

-Written by Surbhi Sachdeva

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