Wireless Network Assessment

Wireless Network Assessment

Organizations use wireless networks to expand their business capabilities but misconfigurations in wireless implementations can lead to bigger problems. The loopholes in your wireless network can allow attackers to interfere and gain access to your network. Wireless Network Assessment, This unauthorized access can lead to a sensitive data breach.

Hackers can play with your wireless networks in many different ways. They can exploit common vulnerabilities such as using default SSIDs, finding access points for tampering, utilizing WEP protocol vulnerabilities, using WPA2 exploits, unsecured wifi routers, weak encryptions, and remote exploits. All of these potential attacks can be prevented if you get your wireless systems assessed by professionals.

Our Approach

Our Wireless Network security experts test your wireless networks against all the vulnerabilities. We look for any misconfigurations in your wireless networks to strengthen your security posture. We simulate real-time wireless network attacks to see how your wifi devices  respond against them. We do your comprehensive audit to list out all the potential threats residing in your wireless network such as weak encryption, WPA2/WEP exploits, remote exploits and more. We also represent you with a detailed audit report about all the potential threats.


  • Avoid Interference: Hackers can interfere with your wireless networks using some loopholes. We identify, address and fix such loopholes to prevent their interference and unauthorized use of your wireless network to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Secured Staff & Users: All of your employees and users within your wireless network are secured with proper Wireless Network Security protocols.
  • Secured Network Protocols: We assess vulnerabilities in your network protocols to secure the wireless access path in your internal network.
  • Security Insights: We address all wireless security challenges such as weak network encryption and rogue access points to suggest a rigid solution .
  • Compliance: Network assessment ensures Compliance with PCI DSS and other security standards.

Why SecureMinds?

We have a special team dedicated to Wireless Network Assessment. They assess all the weak points of your network including faulty access points that can lead to unauthorized access. We use network security tools to monitor your traffic along with some manual handling to assess any misconfigurations or network vulnerabilities. We provide in-depth executive level reporting which serves as a risk minimization tool for management, and a technical document – listing vulnerabilities prioritized according to risk level – for the internal security team.