Web application Penetration Testing

Web application Penetration Testing

Web applications are a crisp target for most attackers where they try a range of attacks to gain unauthorized access on servers. All developers ensure that their web applications are coded well but various cracks are still left within the development stage. So, all businesses must get their web applications pen-tested before it is launched for the audience. 

Secure Minds pen test your web applications that are developed in-house or from a third-party vendor. We pentest your website against the OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities. We also hunt down any Injection flaws, authentication flaws, security misconfigurations, poor session management, broken access control, application logic flaws, and database errors. Web application Penetration Testing.

Our Approach

We first define the scope of your website to select an appropriate testing strategy. After that, we gather technical and security information about your web application. Our professional pen-testers use special tool kits and manual methods to identify vulnerabilities in your web application and Web application Penetration Testing. We exploit these vulnerabilities in a safe and controlled environment for testing purposes. In the end, we put our findings in a report where we list the identified flaws and their severity levels. Our teams also suggest a solution to patch all high-risk vulnerabilities.


Uncovered Flaws: Penetration testing helps you uncover all potential flaws that reside in your application from the development stage. Thes exploitable flaws can be dangerous if an immediate solution is not applied. 

Prevents Financial Loss: Companies suffer from huge financial loss due to a lack of web application security. They launch their web application without any security measures and as a result, the data of their users is breached. 

Secured Users: The security of your web application users should be your top priority. It is only possible if web application flaws are pen-tested and patched before any mishap. 

Why Secured Minds?

We have a separate team of professionals that specializes in web application security. They use various pentest tools and manual methods to hunt every exploitable flaw. Our sophisticated approach also ensures the top-notch security of your web application.