Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Employees are the most vulnerable target in most organizations. Hackers utilize them by using social engineering methods to trick your employees to indulge in an activity that can possibly result in  malware installation, freezed systems due to ransomware attacks or exposure of sensitive information.

Phishing emails are one of the most common types of social engineering attacks where employees are tricked to open an attachment in an email or just input some sensitive data. 43% of IT professionals have stated that the attackers targeted them for social engineering attacks. Moreover, newly hired employees are mostly the most vigorous target of such social engineering attacks.

Our Approach

Our professional social engineering penetration testers legally test your employees by using the same social engineering tactics used by innovative attackers. We ensure that all of your employees are aligned with cybersecurity regulations within your organization.

We try to trick them into various types of social engineering attacks including malicious attachments in phishing emails, phone-based social engineering, and on-site social engineering. If some employees show any incompetence in securing your organization, we inform you so that you can take action and rain them against such potential risks.


  • Prevent Breaches: Discover exposure points in your organization before a hacker exploits them with social engineering tactics
  • Security Adherence: Social engineering penetration testing helps you to figure out how much your company employees are adhering to security policies.
  • Increased Awareness: Penetration testing ensures that your employees are aware of all social engineering-related threats.
  • Enhanced Security: After analyzing the loopholes and exposure points, we can easily increase security awareness for employees with cybersecurity training programs.

Why SecureMinds?

We have excellent ethical hacking brains who plant such social engineering attacks to test your employee’s competence. Our pen testers use social engineering toolkits to simulate social engineering attacks that will expose all the loopholes.