Phishing Simulation and Training

Phishing Simulation and Training

Phishing Attack

Phishing Simulation and Training

Phishing is the root cause of 98% of cyberattacks that lead to breaches. These attempts are extremely common among all organizations, and if your employees are not ready to tackle such attacks, the results are going to be disastrous. So, how exactly can we prevent such attacks? Phishing Simulation is the best approach for organizations. Theoretical knowledge is sometimes not just enough to prevent these threats. Your employees need to go through real-time simulation scenarios to test their theoretical knowledge.

Spear-phishing is another dangerous threat to employees and even CEOs where attackers target a person using a customized approach. These customized attacks can easily fool many employees and CEOs, even if they are aware of it. This can lead to huge data loss, financial loss, and a bad company reputation.

Our Approach

The employees are properly trained with all the information about phishing attacks and how to recognize, avoid, and report these potential threats without becoming a victim. Once they are aware of security attacks, then they are pushed into real scenarios to test their capabilities. Antiphishing training helps them to find hidden clues in these types of emails and messages. In this way, they never again fall victim to such cyber-attacks and they become capable enough to detect such threats in fewer seconds.


  • Proper Training: Our training provides your employees with all the insights about these types of cyber attacks, including the techniques used by attackers to target their victims.
  • Phishing Simulation: We simulate phishing attacks using various mediums to test the competency of your employees.
  • Prevents Breaches: Breaches can cost millions to an organization, and emails have a large contribution to these data breaches. We train your employees against these attacks to prevent breaches, data loss, or financial loss.

Why SecureMinds?

Our cybersecurity trainers deliver the latest information about phishing and teach your employees to recognize, avoid, and report such hacking attempts. Moreover, we have a special team of ethical hackers who test your employees by simulating these phishing attacks to test their competency and theoretical knowledge about phishing.