Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment 

Is your organization’s existing security program reliable enough? What are some of your biggest threats? What should you focus on to improve your security? All of these topics are acknowledged in our exclusive Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment (CSMA) consultation.

CSMA drastically improves your organization’s security posture by reviewing your existing security plans, where we guide you to more defensive security planning. We discuss proper procedures and strategies to enhance your existing security program with new involvements that lead to a secured infrastructure. We try to align your security with best practices acknowledged by OWASP and Cybersecurity professionals.

Our Approach

Our Maturity Assessment services entail a number of phases where we conduct video interviews and remote phone calls. Your policy documentation is analyzed and reviewed, along with the organization’s operational security procedures. We quickly respond to your queries related to processes or analysis. We dive deep into your organization’s security infrastructure, strategies, possible threats, and provide a  roadmap.


  • Security Roadmap: We provide an excellent roadmap after analyzing your organization’s current security posture.
  • Recommendations: Our strategic recommendations and clever tactics help you to strengthen your organization’s security level.
  • Analyzed Gaps: We deeply analyze the vulnerable areas and gaps in your infrastructure.
  • Security Report: Our detailed management report highlights all critical parts of your infrastructure where you need to emphasize your attention.

Why SecureMinds?

We have been providing CSMA consultation services to many of our clients who are now aware of their current security posture and gaps that need to be filled. We tailor our CSMA consultation according to your organization’s goals, maturity level, and industry. Our roadmaps helped organizations to strengthen their security infrastructure with our deep analysis and reliable consultation.