CIS Top 20 Critical control Assessment

CIS Top 20 Critical control Assessment

CIS Top 20 Critical Control Assessment

Almost 95% of cyberattacks rely on phishing, while only 21% of businesses are actually satisfied with their current security level. So how can we prevent these increasing threats? The Center for Internet Security (CIS) proposed a solution by prioritizing the 20 Most Critical Security Controls that help to protect your organization from some of the common revolving threats. These controls were previously referred to as SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls. Many Cybersecurity professionals collaborate with their expertise to define a set of these security controls, which are refined and updated every year.

Most organizations rely upon a compliance-driven approach where they mitigate possible threats but they never pay heed to risk management that can be a more effective security approach. This is why the implementation of Top 20 Critical Security Controls by CIS is so practical to use in order to prevent potential threats.

What’s Included in these Top 20 CIS Controls? Learn More

Our Approach

We assess your organization’s security based on these 20 Security Controls. Our teams perform complete scans of your system to ensure that your security is aligned with CIS’s critical security controls. Our assesment covers Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets, Inventory, and Control of Software Assets, Continuous Vulnerability Management, Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of Audit Logs + 15 other CIS controls. We provide detailed reports to highlight the security controls that are not yet implemented in your organization.


  • Prevent Common Threats: If CIS Top 20 Security Controls are implemented properly, then your organization will be secured from common threats.
  • Security Posture: These prioritized security controls have high pay-off results with an easy implementation that automatically strengthens your security posture.
  • Quick Implementation: The set of controls are pre-defined by CIS. We just have to quickly implement these controls for maximized results.

Why SecureMinds?

Our experts have helped organizations to assess and implement these security controls, which made a large impact on their overall security posture. Our detailed assessment reports provide you more insights about your organization’s security, which helps to define your security roadmap for further implementations.