API Security Assessment

API Security Assessment

Around 60% of total applications use some type of API (Application Program Interfaces) to integrate and share data with other 3rd party applications. The APIs are fast and easy to integrate solutions but there are some downsides to them as well. The bad configurations of these APIs can result in poor authentication, session management, and other authorization-related vulnerabilities. 

All applications must assess their API Security Assessment to ensure that there are no such vulnerabilities that can potentially give unauthorized access to an attacker. According to Gartner, by 2022, exploiting APIs will be the most common attack vector for data breaches within enterprise web applications.

Our Approach

We deeply test your application security and analyze API environments to ensure that your security is aligned with the latest API security practices. We check your API configurations against OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities such as authentication, authorization, monitoring, and logging controls to find potential vulnerabilities residing in your APIs. Furthermore, we represent you with an assessment report where all API vulnerabilities are listed according to their severity levels.


Benefits of API Security Assessment

Strong Authentication: The authentication levels and access controls are more secure than ever in your APIs.

Exposed Threats: All vulnerable routes of API are exposed and can be patched before an attacker approaches. 

Better Authorization: It helps to prevent any unauthorized access to your APIs.


Why SecureMinds?

SecureMinds has experienced pen testers and developers who deeply analyze your APIs to find misconfigurations or potential vulnerabilities. We use OWASP API Security practices to secure your APIs from unauthorized access and poor authentication.